Hoodie BEIGE

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Soft, warm and cozy oversized hoodies are an absolute trend that will stay with us forever.

The color beige is synonymous with the basics. It prioritizes a warm, relaxing environment and traditional values like the nuclear family, comfort, relaxation, and the home. Beige isn’t looking to stand out or break the mold.

The official logo of the LESS STRESS CLOTHES brand is embroidered on the sleeve of the hoodie.

This BEIGE hoodie goes well together with our BEIGE joggers. 

Pocket width (full girth) - 136cm
Back length - 73cm
Front length from neckline to bottom - 70cm
Sleeve length - 58cm (shoulder lowered)

Material: 70% cotton, 30% polyester (polyester is an irreplaceable material so that the hoodie does not stretch over time) .

The product is 100% produced in Estonia